Why 2019 Is The Year Of MrBeast


Image Source: Night Media  

If you enjoy watching entertaining videos on YouTube, then you've likely come across MrBeast. With over 14.2 million subscribers and closing in on 1.7 billion views, this 20-year-old content creator has achieved phenomenal success. I had the privilege of working closely with Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast for the majority of 2018.  

It was incredibly fulfilling seeing him achieve many of his goals for 2018. There's more to come in 2019 and I wanted to lay out the reasons why he’s positioned to be even more successful this year.

Rapid Growth

We’ve all heard stories about YouTube channels coming out of nowhere and receiving millions of subscribers in months. I was able to witness that feat in 2018. Growing at a rate of over 1 million subs per month, MrBeast was able to gain over 12 million new subscribers in 2018. A Pretty remarkable accomplishment for a channel no one was talking about the previous year.  


The days of a single creator in front of a camera doing everything themselves is long gone. Being at the top of YouTube requires talented teams to help with execution, planning, and post production. These things become increasingly important when you’re talking about video ideas such as, filling a backyard with orbeez, and spending 24 hours under water. Both of which are over 25 million views!

Some of the fasting growing channels in the country have large teams of people that help them create videos and other content. The majority of MrBeast’s team has been with him since the beginning and they understand the important role they play in the success of the channel.

The Beast with A Heart of Gold 

As many of you are aware, MrBeast is down-to-earth and tremendously generous. Instead of blowing his YouTube earnings solely on himself, he prefers to help others by making some sizable donations.  

Thanks to multiple brand deals with software startup Quid, Jimmy was able to donate $10,000 to a homeless individual. Additionally, he randomly donated a large sum of money to several Twitch streamers, gave his mom $100,000, and bought his team a house. He also led the charge for the battle between T-Series vs PewDiePie with a large-scale ad campaign in North Carolina.

Jimmy's generosity also made the news after he left a $10,000 tip when ordering two waters at a North Carolina restaurant. He won't be stopping these giveaways anytime soon, and we look forward to building more partnerships opportunities in 2019.

How MrBeast Makes His Money 

When someone gives away large sums of money, especially someone as young as Jimmy, it's bound to raise questions. Rest assured that everything's above board and part of a planned and well-executed process.   

As stated earlier, Jimmy was able to attract brands that allowed him to pursue this philanthropic path. He worked hard and poured thousands of hours to create some of the most engaging content on YouTube. He also figured out that the more viral his videos became, the more brands will want to work with him. By raising the monetary amount of the donations, he was able to boost his views.

This strategy proved incredibly successful as he managed to gain over 12 million YouTube subscribers in 2018. Many brands have taken notice of MrBeast's viral videos, and his philanthropic approach seems to resonate with them. We’re already working on several exciting projects in 2019 that are sure to turn heads.   

Plans For 2019 

MrBeast takes his work seriously, and that's why he's investing all his money back into his channel. Having one of the largest channels on YouTube, he understands that he can't do everything himself.  In fact, the YouTube landscape has changed so much that it's near impossible to become a top channel on the platform by yourself.

Brands looking at making a splash on YouTube should pay attention to MrBeast. His skill and talent at delivering content that engages younger viewers are unmatched.  

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media