5 Things You Must Understand About Gaming Influencers


Gaming and internet culture has revolutionized, if not disrupted the way we interact and do business. Games are a mainstream pastime due to the wide adoption of mobile gaming, which is also affecting esports. The internet started life as an anarchic virtual space that attracted hackers and tech geeks. Today, it’s become a vital component for commerce, political causes, and social interactions, and thus has radically transformed humanity.

Marketers have shown great interest in esports, gaming and the internet to promote their brands. Savvy marketers have noticed the rise of gaming influencers and capitalized on their popularity with millennials. I’ve listed 5 things you must understand about gaming influencers that play an important role in the digital marketplace.

1. They Are Creators.

Gaming influencers are effective content creators who serve audiences on popular video streaming services such as Twitchand YouTube. The best YouTube channels produce content on a regular basis to keep their audiences excited. Marketers and brands should be mindful of this, as they tend to produce content exclusively for product launch dates. However, it’s better to run campaigns throughout the year to keep audiences engaged longer.

It’s also important not to mistake these content creators for ‘ad men’ as this isn’t how they see themselves. They’ve established an authentic relationship with their audiences and prefer that brands align with their content and values. Moreover, their influencer status is a by-product of their authoritative voice in a particular gaming niche such as esports.

2. They Often Share Similar Values To Brands.

To reiterate the above point regarding values, this also works the other way round with influencers following the values of brands.

Brands love collaborating with like-minded and principled individuals who have a similar worldview and conduct themselves professionally. Conscientious brands often launch campaigns centered on environmental, humanitarian, and societal issues, which subsequently appeal to millennials. Therefore, they prefer working with influencers who connect with such audiences and fortunately, many already do.

3. They Engage A Growing Demographic.

The rising popularity of influencers, particularly those in gaming has opened up many opportunities. Some of the most prominent influencers are, approached regularly, to become brand ambassadors. This isn’t surprising considering that approximately 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide, and this market will grow further.

4. They Are Prevalent On YouTube.

Gamers have several great options to view action-packed gaming streams. One of the best sites to consume such content is YouTube, which grew its streamer base by 347% during 2017. With such rapid growth, there’ll never be a shortage of gaming influencers emerging from YouTube’s pool of streamers. I identified several of the biggest and freshest influencers early on, and now manage Preston Arsement aka PrestonPlayz, Ian Stapleton aka SSundee, and Samara Redway to name a few.

Many of YouTube’s top gaming personalities are making millions through advertisements and sponsorship's, and this trend will continue. Brands are finding value by forming partnerships with those that hold sway within gaming communities.

5. Gaming Influencers Appeal To An Entertainment And Lifestyle Orientated Audience.

Gaming is an extremely entertaining pastime, right? Then, it’s not surprising that it’s become a strong cultural phenomenon that’s adopted as a lifestyle choice by many. Many gaming enthusiasts aren’t interested in just playing games, but also love watching others play their favorite titles.

Furthermore, they’re an emerging purchasing power that spends heavily on cars, computers, entertainment, media, movies, and music. That’s why brands that deal in these products should and usually do target gamers. And this is why launching campaigns with gaming influencers are usually the most effective, as they already have an established connection with this growing audience.

Final Thoughts.

Gaming is an unstoppable juggernaut that’s affecting people’s lives in a meaningful way. The popularity of gaming has subsequently given rise to interesting personalities such as gaming influencers. Their authenticity, charisma, and connection to the growing and vibrant gaming community make them invaluable to brands. Contact me to learn more about how my gaming influencers can ignite your marketing campaign.


Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media