Esports Statistics Brands Need To Know Today

Planning on expanding awareness of your brand to a young and growing market, but aren’t sure what that may be? You may have noticed the rapid growth of the game industry, and wondered if it offers opportunities for your company. The good news is that it does, and it's worth looking into one of its hottest sectors, namely, esports. With impressive yearly growth rates according to esports statistics and plenty of investor interest, esports has a bright future ahead.

Now, it may seem intimidating understanding the ins and outs of such a young industry. But as a leader – in this space – I’d love to shed light on key areas that make esports so compelling. I’ll reveal 5 of these important segments and relevant esports statistics. These could provide the impetus for your brand to grow further.

Female Engagement.

Women in gaming are gaining prominence as they make up the core audience of casual and mobile games. When one looks at esports, it seems overly male-dominated. Some have voiced concern such as Ken Wong, the lead designer of Monument Valley. This concern is valid and reiterated by a top Overwatch League female player, Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon.

While a tiny minority of the esports community displays toxic attitudes towards women, this won’t halt the participation of female audiences and gamers. Women spectators make up between 15% to 30% of esports audiences, while female players are around 30% and growing.

Mobile Esports Statistics.

A recent trend is the emergence of esports mobile gaming, which will further bolster female participation and diversify audiences. Asian markets have led the way with professional tournaments for Arena of Valor, Clash Royale and Honor of Kings on Android and iOS. However, this is having an impact in the North American market with fast-growing audiences of all ages.

China continues to lead the way with Western territories catching up. The Vainglory World Championship 2017 attracted 49,314 viewers on the English stream and 46,298 viewers on the stream. This is a significant increase from 2016’s numbers with 21,767 and 22,715 viewers respectively.

Viewer Retention.

I believe that esports truly shines when it comes to viewer retention and the quality thereof. Major tournaments streamed on Twitch between August 2015 – June 2016> racked up 201.3 million viewing hours for 'DOTA 2'; 229.2 million viewing hours for 'CS:GO'; and 263.8 million viewing hours for 'League of Legends.' Globally, 34% of males spend under an hour watching esports and 55% spend between 1-4 hours daily, whereas 24% of females watch for under an hour and 65% spend between 1-4 hours daily.

Fan Reception To Advertising.

With esports revenues expected to reach over 1.1 billion USD by 2019, this opens up tremendous opportunities for brand licensing. Live events are ideal for branded merchandise. Technology companies can bolster their brand image by sponsoring players, teams, equipment, and gaming accessories. Fans respond favorably to advertising done right. Marketers should know the esports market well and produce non-intrusive content that resonates with audiences.

Digital Goods.

Today’s most profitable games generate revenue through in-app purchases usually consisting of various character and vehicles skins, and in-game gifts. Just look at Fortnite from Epic Games that earned over 1 billion USD in less than a year across multiple platforms. Furthermore, fans are engaged in creating, selling, and trading skins on digital marketplaces such as, earning users over 348,000 USD during 38,000 closed transactions at the time of writing.

The Bottom Line.

Esports statistics show what I've known all along. Esports has taken the gaming world by storm and will grow further in the years ahead. Forward-thinking companies are already taking advantage of the opportunities that esports offer. Thus, enjoying increased brand awareness among younger consumers across the world. Get in touch with me on how to place your company on the front line of this growing market.

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media

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