The Rise Of Influencers And Why You Should Care

Traditional advertising and marketing techniques are no longer working, especially with millennials. This is sobering news, particularly for marketing teams that have little experience with social media and younger audiences. However, some marketers know that one of the best ways to make a splash online is through influencer marketing.

What exactly is influencer marketing? It’s about focusing on influential people who have followers that value their opinions. Effective marketing campaigns are then, tailored around these influencers instead of the target audience. Night Media works with several of the largest digital influencers and I’ll be offering some insight as to why they matter.

How Influencers Are Impacting Gaming.

The competitive mobile gaming market suffers from a discoverability problem due to a deluge of games available. Developers and publishers need all the exposure they can get for their games in such a crowded market. One way to cut through the noise and acquire potential users is through influencer marketing.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the legendary Fortnite player and Twitch streamer currently has over 160,000 Twitch subscribers and 11 million followers. He also promotes a variety of products that he uses personally to his enthusiastic followers. They trust his opinions about these products, as he’s an authentic and charismatic figure who they admire. Gaming influencers such as “Ninja” have inevitably revolutionized marketing and driven down acquisition costs for brands and new video games.

Personalities Spread The Message.

At one point, game companies relied on traditional gaming magazines to spread awareness of their products. They would spend large sums of money on print ads and rely on favorable reviews to gain traction. But the internet, social media, and streaming services transformed how gamers consume news and react to product announcements.

Nowadays, gaming personalities on YouTube produce engaging content and share their opinions about the latest games, products and tech. Channels such as The Game Theorists, Rooster Teeth, and iJustine have a combined reach of over 39 million followers. They attend yearly gaming conferences such as E3 and inform their fans about the latest developments in the industry. The important thing to understand is that consumers trust and value their opinions.

Today's Top Gaming Influencers.

Anyone that watches YouTube regularly and has the slightest interest in gaming will have heard of PewDiePie. He’s a controversial figure originating from Sweden and has built up a loyal following of over 66 million subscribers. His content consists of lets plays, vlogs, and daily humor. Other top influencers on YouTube are SsundeeMrBeast, and Typical Gamer that have cultivated their own play styles and brands of comedy.

I have the pleasure of representing several leading influencers and witnessed the growth of their YouTube channels. PrestonPlayz or TBNRfrags, depending on the game you want to watch, has amassed over 10 million subscribers! His family friendly content is focused around popular titles including Minecraft and Fortnite. Preston boasts partnerships with some of the most recognizable brands in the space including Nestle and Amazon.

Finding The Right Influencers.

Finding the right influencer for your product or service isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. It’s worth determining if an influencer’s content and audience are a sensible choice for your own offerings. For example, it doesn’t make sense to partner with a popular Call of Duty YouTuber when promoting a mobile puzzle game. That’s why understanding which niches gaming influencers specialize in is important before starting your campaign. Also, don't be afraid to reach out to a specific influencer and ask for their channel information. It's important to know the audience that's consuming that individuals content.

Setting Up A Marketing Campaign With A Strong ROI.

Once you’ve found an influencer that’s a good match for your brand, determine the placement for your own promotion. Decide whether to implement a dedicated video versus a mention at the beginning or end of the influencer’s YouTube video. A video with high production value is costly, but worthwhile if the influencer has a substantial average view duration. Be mindful that an influencer’s subscriber count and average video view numbers are not enough to determine success.


Influencer marketing is still relatively young, yet is showing signs of maturity with a steady stream of marketing successes. Finding the right influencer to present your brand successfully may seem tricky. Make sure to ask the right questions and do your homework before venturing into the space.

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media

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