Why Celebrities Are Creating Their Own YouTube Channels


Hollywood celebrities including artists, comedians, and sporting figures have jumped on the YouTube bandwagon in recent years. What’s particularly notable is that A-list celebrities are now engaging with their fans in more direct ways. They use their YouTube channels to share their interests and thoughts giving fans more insight into their lives.

This is undoubtedly a game changer, as these famous personalities no longer have that mystifying aura created by the media and the paparazzi. Now, it’s possible for fans to identify with their favorite celebrities, as they see that they’re perfectly ordinary people behind the glamorous facade.

Do you wonder if your favorite celebrities have been setting YouTube on fire lately? I’ll reveal more about their exciting endeavors below.

They're Looking For Ways To Reignite Their Careers.

Will Smith is a talented and versatile individual, as he’s been an actor, comedian, rapper, producer, and songwriter. He wowed ‘90s kids with his acting and rapping skills in the popular series, The Fresh Prince of Belair. This series helped kick-start his career, and soon enough, he starred in blockbuster films such as Bad Boys, Enemy of the State, and Men in Black.

Recently, Will has further diversified his repertoire by starring in the Netflix film, Bright, and launching his YouTube channel. During the early days of his channel, he uploaded promo footage of Bright and Comic-Con videos. But his newer videos display more of his personality, his life philosophy and views about films. Subsequently, his subscriber count is increasing, and it seems that his YouTube presence is allowing him to reach a whole new audience.

YouTube Is Partnering With Celebs To Expand Their Programming.

YouTube is always on the lookout for fresh and influential faces to expand their programming. The service has found a way to enhance its sports content by collaborating with the basketball star, Kevin Durant. It’s not difficult to figure out why Kevin favors this partnership with YouTube, as he loves investing in the tech industry after moving to the Bay Area. His own YouTube channel displays his eagerness to interact directly with basketball fans who appreciate his authority and authenticity.

They Love Creating Amazing Content.

What many celebrities including Will Smith and Kevin Durant have in common is their love for creating amazing content. This is due to the high standards they hold themselves to while thriving in competitive industries. Transferring a work ethic and professionalism from a real-world work environment to YouTube certainly pays off.  Thus, it’s highly likely that celebrities could be producing some of the best content on YouTube.

Hollywood Celebrities Have Jumped On Board.

Ordinary YouTube channels usually do better than celebrity channels. However, this hasn’t stopped several Hollywood actors and other famous individuals from tapping into this powerful video streaming service.

Sometimes the reverse happens, whereby a famous celebrity may have started their career on YouTube. A good case study is Justin Bieber who uploaded videos of his music and charity interests. In 2007, Scooter Braun, an American music manager, and publisher spotted Justin’s video of him singing a Ne-Yo song. Scooter approached Justin’s mother to help launch her 12-year-old son’s singing career, which as we know has been monumental.

They're Up Against YouTube's Disruptive Influencers.

Celebrities are driven individuals and are always on the lookout for new avenues to push their careers further. The Hollywood system and traditional media are part of an older paradigm, and gradually losing favor with younger audiences. Therefore, savvy celebrities involved in these industries start YouTube channels to connect with younger generations.

In Conclusion.

Celebrities have always seemed larger than life and far removed from us. A growing number of millennials are rejecting mainstream celebrity culture, preferring to follow online influencers they can identify with. This has given several A-listers the impetus to compete in this space by starting their own YouTube channels. Not only do they engage directly with fans but it also helps them reignite their careers. Contact me to learn how YouTube is changing the game!

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media