Why Esports Offers A Unique Marketing Opportunity


Brands and marketers are always looking for that unique marketing opportunity that will give them an edge. In today’s interconnected and tech-heavy world – opportunities seem numerous – yet these often leave marketers scratching their heads. That’s why I’d like to shine a light on a vibrant sector of the digital space that some may have ignored. As an esports specialist, I believe it has much to offer forward-thinking marketers, which I’ll reveal more about below.

1. Diverse Groups Provide An Incentive For Unique Marketing.

Video games were once the preserve of young male gamers – but as the industry matured – things changed considerably.  This is noticeable in esports that’s home to diverse groups such as parents and women. According to Mindshare NA’s research, over half of the esports fans are millennials. Many are parents, and about 60% are between the ages of 25 to 39, while 38% are females.

A notable aspect of these enthusiasts is their high level of engagement. They love supporting their favorite teams and take time to watch live streams of tournaments from around the world. Thus, they consume live video, which allows marketers to build brand awareness through creativity and storytelling using this medium.

2. Major Brands Are Coming Aboard.

We’ve already established that fans are incredibly loyal and engaged. This is helping the esports scene escape its niche status and gradually become a form of mainstream entertainment. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz have noticed its rising popularity and collaborated with ESL to sponsor tournaments in several countries.

However, it’s not just automakers enamored with the unique marketing opportunities of esports coming along for the ride. Over a hundred leading brands in the apparel, beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), entertainment, restaurant, and telecom industries are investing too.

3. Esports Is Enjoying A Boom Cycle.

Esports is a $700 million dollar market and growing rapidly. It offers marketers an international audience of over 385 million people to promote their brands. We’re only at the early stages of a boom cycle, as Generation Z will represent 40% of American consumers by 2020. Furthermore, esports advertising should reach a whopping $130 billion by the end of the decade, indicating its marketing potential.

Another important point is that the industry is mostly unregulated. This makes it easy for brands to establish themselves without the costs and delays caused by red tape.

4. Employing Authentic And Community-Driven Marketing Strategies.

While esports has much to offer, authentic and unique marketing strategies will win over fans. Standard advertising campaigns that have nothing to do with esports won’t resonate with this audience. Instead, a community-driven approach is a great way to connect with the fan base, particularly millennials who are tech-savvy and active on social media platforms. It’s important to grasp their culture and run campaigns where young fans congregate for maximum impact.

5. Impressive Platform Infrastructure For Marketers To Tap Into.

What I love about esports is that it’s technology-driven and on the cutting edge. It attracted many players in the tech industry who have created some amazing platforms that enrich the esports ecosystem.

Battlefy is a platform that makes it easy to organize and view tournaments, and is trusted by major brands such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Geico. There’s also Discord, an easy-to-use communication tool for both players and fans. lastly, Twitch is an popular streaming service that hosts all types of livestreams.

Final Thoughts.

Every marketer understands how important it is to get their message across in today’s crowded marketplace. I’ve briefly covered why esports is so compelling for marketers and the brands they represent. This booming industry is waiting for you to reap the rewards. Feel free to get in touch with Night media to learn more.


Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media

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