Why Influencer Marketing Is Better Than Celebrity Marketing


Famous celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift inspire millions of people around the world. They’re the actors, entertainers, reality stars and singers that make it on celebrity lists every year. They have massive followings on social media and usually receive constant and favorable coverage from traditional media channels. Therefore, brands and marketers love to tap into the popularity and massive reach of these celebrities.

But how feasible are these celebrities for your marketing campaign? And are there better alternatives out there that will attain similar or better results? As an expert in influencer marketing that works with the biggest YouTube personalities, I’ll provide further insight below.

1. Influencers Usually Have Expertise In The Products They Promote.

Justin Bieber is a talented singer with great fashion sense. He has significant expertise as a performing artist and can provide some valuable fashion tips to younger males. Brands that target young consumers interested in pop music and fashion benefit from having Justin Bieber as part of their marketing campaigns. However, this would have less impact or even be negative for brands dealing in other market areas and demographics.

If you’re a startup or a brand that specializes in a niche product or service, it’s better to sign up an influencer with expertise in that field. They have built up trust and relevancy with their followers that will prove invaluable for your marketing campaign.

2. They Have Targeted Audiences And Higher Rates Of Engagements.

Influencer marketing has been gaining steam globally, and more brands are utilizing influencers for their marketing activations. According to a report from TopRank Marketing and Traackr that surveyed marketers worldwide, 43% claimed that they were experimenting with influencer marketing and 57% would implement it in the next three years.

Each influencer targets a specific audience and builds trust by sharing relevant content and opinions. If they endorse a certain product or service, then their followers will likely show interest.

3. They're More Accessible And Affordable.

It’s no secret that celebrity endorsements are expensive. The more famous the celebrity, then the higher the fees that they’ll command. While large companies can afford to pay these fees, this isn’t possible for small businesses and startups. Fortunately, smaller players can now spread their message by collaborating with influencers who fit their budget and target market. It’s also easy to arrange a deal and the way your brand will be promoted by influencers.

4. Influencers Are More Authentic And Relatable.

Most consumers understand that the prime purpose of celebrity endorsements of brands is to entice customers. They also understand that brands pay large sums of money to sign up those celebrities. While this gives brands a ton of exposure, it doesn’t result in establishing closer bonds with potential customers.

This is where influencers shine, as they regularly review products and produce content that appeals to their growing audiences. They’re also more relatable because they post videos on YouTube about their daily activities, which shows their fans that they’re ordinary people like themselves.

5. Influencer Marketing Is A More Creative Strategy.

There are several key differences in how celebrities and influencers go about influencing their target markets. Celebrities are more prevalent in traditional media channels, and some haven’t built up a significant online presence. Furthermore, many celebrities don’t have much of a relationship with their followers.

Influencers have spent time building up their personal brands on YouTube and other platforms. They understand their audiences well due to the constant dialogue and engagement they have with them. Thus, they have established credible relationships with their audiences giving them a significant advantage during marketing campaigns. Finally, they prefer creative strategies for spreading their messages instead of coming across as advertisers or salespeople.

In Conclusion.

Influencer marketing is a game changer for brands that need an effective marketing mechanism. Startups and small companies can’t afford the high fees of celebrity endorsements, but YouTube influencers are affordable. They’re also experts in their fields, engage with their audiences, and find creative ways to spread their message. Contact me to learn about how influencer marketing can benefit your business.

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media