Why It’s Fascinating Watching Others Play Video Games


Everyone knows that video games are a ton of fun to play. But are they anything more than an entertaining pastime? The answer is a resounding, yes! They affected our culture as far back as the late ‘70s in many profound ways. Even during the heyday of arcades, people came together to play, socialize and watch others play.

As an expert in esports and influencer marketing, I’m mindful of the past, present, and future of digital entertainment. I’ve witnessed the rise of gaming largely fueled by enthusiastic gamers worldwide. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by those who watch others play video games, which I’ll cover in more detail below.

1. Kids Boost Their Gaming And Social Skills.

It’s no secret that kids love playing video games, sometimes a lot more than they should. Furthermore, they want to attain a degree of mastery in sporting and gaming activities. And there’s no better way to do this then by watching YouTube videos by experts in these fields. They learn valuable skills from these videos that subsequently aid in their personal growth. Also, kids love sharing and discussing these videos with their peers, which helps improve their social skills too.

2. Let’s Plays Rekindle Fond Memories.

Most gamers have been playing games for several years; some have been playing them for decades. Whether they started out with an NES, Xbox 360 or a modern PC gaming rig they have fond memories of their early gaming experiences. By watching Let’s Plays of those early video games, they experience strong emotional and nostalgic feelings surrounding those times. These Let’s Plays also reveal secrets, solutions, and endings to titles that many gamers may have not discovered on their own.

3. Audiences Love Being Part Of A Social Experience.

People are social creatures and enjoy interacting with others, especially if they share similar interests. This explains the popularity of social media, which has brought together people from diverse backgrounds to discuss and share information about their hobbies, work, and political affiliations.

Gaming has the power to unite and provide enthusiasts with a social experience comparable to popular social media platforms. Video streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and Facebook Live is the closest users will get to an authentic gamer’s social network.

4. Some Enjoy Watching An Engaging Host.

While watching others play video games is certainly enthralling, the experience only gets better with an engaging host. Felix Kjellberg known as PewDiePie became a popular and wealthy Let’s Play personality on YouTube. His fun and irreverent style garnered him a huge audience and inspired others to start their own gaming channels. My clients have built up their successful channels on YouTube through a combination of hard work, great content, and their unique personalities.

5. Watching Video Games Is Bigger Than Traditional Spectator Sports.

Gamers worldwide aged 18-25 spend approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes per week watching others play games online. What’s surprising is that this is about an hour more than they spend watching traditional sports broadcasts. This bodes well for the future of video games and the esports industry in particular since it relies on drawing huge audiences. The growth in this sector also means that esports-focused businesses should ensure easy and quick access to their content.

The Bottom Line.

Without a doubt, video games are an interactive medium that requires input from players to affect progression. It’s also a visually stimulating medium that not’s only entertaining to players, but also for those watching them play. Contact me to learn how video games can elevate your brand online.

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media

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