YouTube Gaming Is No More, But YouTube Streaming Still Excites Me


There’s hardly a gamer that doesn’t watch gaming streams on one or more of the popular video streaming services. Two services competing in this space are Twitch and YouTube. The latter established a direct competitor to Twitch back in 2015 and aptly named it YouTube Gaming. It quickly became a hub where over 200 million gamers congregated and watched over 50 billion hours of content. Yet the success of this gaming app didn’t solidify its continuous existence given YouTube’s recent announcement.

Many gamers, including my clients and me, used this app regularly and were saddened to learn about its shutdown. Not only did it provide many hours of entertainment but also affected the entire games industry positively. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, and I’ll explain why I feel bullish about YouTube streaming.

YouTube Always Attracted The Gaming Community.

YouTube Gaming was an attempt to capture a massive slice of the gaming audience. It was hugely successful in doing so, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The video streaming service has always had a sizable gaming audience since its early days. Independent filmmaker, James Rolfe started uploading his comedic series, The Angry Video Game Nerd on YouTube back in 2006.

It quickly gained popularity and inspired other creators to mimic his style or create unique gaming videos. YouTube subsequently became a hotbed for content creators and gaming enthusiasts alike. As bandwidths increased, so did the quality and quantity of Let’s Play and streaming videos. Moreover, this type of content was ideal for YouTube Gaming. Now, things seem to have come full circle as YouTube brings gaming streamers back into the fold.

It’s The Home Of Diverse Content Creators.

Variety is the spice of life; thankfully, variety is abundant in both gaming and YouTube. There’s a wide range of game genres, which may include anything from obscure Japanese shmups through to blockbuster MMOs. Many content creators are fans of specific genres, and they display their appreciation, enthusiasm, and knowledge on YouTube. This has resulted in a deluge of amazing gaming content that’s usually not found anywhere else.

Every client of mine has carved up their own niche by focusing on aspects of gaming that interest them. PrestonPlayz has an energetic style that fits perfectly with the Minecraft videos he creates. MrBeast has a more comedic approach and loves covering a variety of games including Fortnite. Samara Redway creates fun and upbeat videos that are truly enthralling. This is a big reason why YouTube streaming excites me so much, as there’s never a shortage of diverse gaming content.

YouTube Streaming Is Here To Stay.

When YouTube first launched, few could’ve imagined the massive impact it would have on the global stage. At first, many videos were crude, shot in low-resolution, and covered whimsical subject matter such as funny domestic cats. However, things started changing quickly after the wide adoption of smartphones and an increase in bandwidth. YouTube streaming was now possible in higher resolutions, which many content creators took advantage of. They upped their production values by investing in better cameras, lighting, microphones, editing software, and dedicated office spaces.

This resulted in more polished and sophisticated content that rivals some television networks. Today, YouTube is a premier online video streaming service and will likely stay that way for a long time. Considering that 8 out of 10 users aged 18-49 watch YouTube, it certainly has a bright future ahead.

The Bottom Line.

YouTube streaming isn’t a fad that’s run its course but one of the most effective ways to deliver engaging content. This means that even though YouTube Gaming is no more, gamers will find what they’re looking for on YouTube. Contact us to learn more about the exciting opportunities available on this growing platform.

Reed Duchscher

President | Night Media

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