Meet Brianna.

Brianna Arsement aka Brianna was perhaps best known for being the wife of YouTube star Preston, but has recently solidified her own success as a leading female gaming creator.  Despite being relatively new to YouTube, Brianna is generating more than 30 million views per month, appealing to more female gamers and drawing them into the YouTube landscape.  Brianna plays Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox in addition to streaming real-life challenges.  Her upbeat personality and down-to-earth style makes her a breath of fresh air for brands looking to grow and potentially acquire more female subscribers.  She’s now sponsored by ZeptoLab and Audible.  Married to Preston, she’s no stranger to gaming, and she’s certainly found her niche with a very loyal, heavily female following.

Follower Stats:

1.9M+ Combined Social Following

Area 51 GLOW in the DARK Slime!

briannaplayz & secret minecraft

briannaplayz & fortnite

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