The Opportunity.

The Hot Pocket brand was seeking to extend their brand to gamers to capitalize on the millions of gamers home or on their devices actively playing. The target was a family friendly audience of males and females ages 10 – 16.

Night Media Activation.

  • Night Media leveraged Prestonplayz to create a content and organic activation plan to support Hot Pockets.

  • Night Media leveraged a gaming influencer who also produced IRL (In real life) content that is largely family focused.

  • At the time PrestonPlayz channel had 7M subscribers, averaging just over 1M views per video.

  • PrestonPlayz ran four (4) hot pockets Advertisements at the beginning of each of the 4 videos.

  • In-segment mentions were also activated as part of the campaign.


The Result.


Each video received over 1.5M views and most continue to average 4k+ views per day.


Hot Pockets saw an increase in media mentions and is a Night Media active client. The team has since activated additional partnership marketing campaigns.