Meet Samara Redway.

Samara Redway is a Canadian born female gamer turned vlogger and up and coming YouTube success.  With nearly 1 million subscribers and sponsors including eBay, EA and Ubisoft she’s gaining momentum and making some noise in the female gaming space. Certainly a success in her own right, she’s also currently in a relationship with Andre Rebelo aka Typical Gamer, which is a consistent trending topic on her channel.  Her videos feature gaming, lifestyle but aren’t defined by any one thing, but are a relatable mixture that keeps her fans enthralled.  Samara has no plans to slow down any time soon, making her an attractive pick for growing brands.

Follower Stats:

1.4M+ Combined Social Following

Samara Redway & typical Gamer

Samara Redway & Typical Gamer

Samara Redway & One Plus

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