Meet Typical Gamer.

Andre Rebelo aka Typical Gamer is one of the most popular live-streamers on YouTube.  Giving fans more of a gaming variety, he can be found playing Fortnite, Ark and specifically Red Dead Redemption.   Typical Gamer is one of the most dynamic content creators out there today, reaching a diverse audience with more than 8 million subscribers viewing everything from his GTA5 mods to the latest duos in Fortnite.  Hailing from Canada, his appeal is fast-growing as he’s currently sponsored by Ubisoft, EA, OnePlus and eBay with new opportunities presenting themselves often! Typical Gamer is family-friendly, appropriate for groups of all ages and makes a fun addition to teams looking to aggressively grow their brand.

Follower Stats:

10.7M+ Combined Social Following

Typical Gamer with Megan Fox, Steve Aoki, John Cho & Hunter Pence

Typical Gamer & Samara Redway

Typical Gamer & Samara Redway / Ubisoft & Crew 2

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